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The association

A community of actors representing the civil society

Following the European project in which was developed the infrastructure, users, developers, service providers and new partners have formed an association to give it a neutral and open governance.

Created on February 5, 2016, the association is designed to value the Ozwillo infrastructure, to promote the communicating applications which join it and to create favorable conditions for innovation.

It aims knowledge sharing by enabling links between all types of data models and data for the benefit of its members and non-members.

It guarantees a neutral and fair operation of the Ozwillo infrastructure, and encourages the development of relationships between all users and contributors.

Real trusted third party, it seeks to preserve digital commons, according to the following principles specific to initiate a virtuous circle:

  • A neutral and fair factory of digital commons, fostering creativity and innovation (system);
  • A governance guarantor of the digital commons and promoting the self-organisation of the system;
  • Inspires confidence due to its governance representing all of civil society;
  • Remains of collective interest and triggers a virtuous circle;
  • Acknowledges all types of contributions.

Ozwillo is a foreshadowing association, which aims to create the conditions for setting up a sustainable legal structure to value its assets.

Association’s articlesMembers

Why « Ozwillo » ?

  • A name pronounceable in every languages;
  • “Oz” to dare (sounds like it in French) data sharing and dare digital commons;
  • “will” to evoke our will and future;
  • The last “o” to signify openness.

Ozwillo is the magic of a new world opened to you!

Join the governance

Only individuals, in their name or as a representative of a legal entity, who share the values of the association and who bring proven skills to support the operations of the association may be admitted as members of the association.

The association represents all of civil society and leads a socially-minded project based on the creation of common digital good that can be reused with the objective of accessibility and preservation of digital wealth.

« Digital goods are no longer excludable. The use thereof by one person in no way affects the use thereof by some else as the reproduction of a digital good (music file, network document, web page, etc.) has a near-zero marginal cost. One could infer that these Commons are 'inexhaustible' and that digital abundance has arrived. If one considers Commons to be a space for governance, one notices, on the contrary, that these new knowledge Commons are fragile. »
Source : Governing the Commons, for a new approach to natural resources, Elinor Ostrom

The principles of operation of the association are based on values characteristic of a Knowledge Society :

  • Humans are at the heart of the system;
  • Open availability is a fundamental key to create and innovate;
  • The management and governance forms are transversal;
  • Economic models are shifting towards “win-win”, circular models.

The OZWILLO association therefore does not favour any type of political proselytising and cannot be chaired by an elected official currently in office

Towards the creation of a cooperative of collective interest (SCIC)

While ensuring the operation of the Ozwillo infrastrcuture, the association is preparing its transformation into a Collective Interest Cooperative Company (S.C.I.C) as soon as possible.

The association will be transformed into a cooperative company without change of legal person.

You are investors, donors, you can already contribute to the constitution of the capital of the SCIC, invest in equity securities.